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Fortunately, the times when women had to wash dishes with their gentle hands, have passed. Today, almost in every kitchen you can find a dishwasher .This amazing appliance has become an irreplaceable part of our everyday life. Dishwasher not only provides excellent wash results, but also saves lots of time!  Modern market presents hundreds of dishwashers. Depending on your kitchen design, you can choose a built-in or a portable dishwasher. Built-in dishwashers, such as fully integrated General Electric dishwasher or Whirlpool dishwasher, are great for large kitchens. These models have stainless steel construction which guarantees long-term operation. The items are available in classic white, black, and stainless steel colors. All dishwashers feature several wash cycles and convenient controls. Such dishwashers as Bosch SHV7PT53UC have unique sanitize option that eliminates up to 99,99% of all bacteria. Stainless steel interior guarantees you will not have to deal with rust. All dishwashers are equipped with special basket for silverware, so you will not have to look for forks or spoons after washing. What is also great, many models feature energy saving technology. Be sure you will save not only your time with such dishwasher, but also your money! Energy saving technology allows to significantly reduce electricity expenses. Dishwashers are available with different amount of place settings. Also, many models have Quick Wash mode that guarantees all your dishes will be clean in 15-20 minutes. 


Washing dishes is one of the most irritating house chores. Besides, it takes much time (especially from those who have to take care of big families). Dishwashers have become a real salvation for all people who don’t want to be dependent on their chores. Luckily, there are hundreds of dishwashers today. If you own not a that spacious kitchen, one of the built-in dishwashers could be a good choice for oyu to make. Depending on your needs you can select the one that would become a perfect helper for you. For example, Bosch dishwasher  is designed in stainless steel which guarantees the appliance will serve you for a long time. The item features convenient and stylish electronic display, 6 wash cycles, 16-place settings, full controls, and touch sensor controls that allow to easily select settings. Energy saving technology is responsible for smart consumption of electricity, so you will not be shocked by utility bills. Quick wash cycle allows to wash the dishes quickly and effectively. General Electric dishwahser is also designed in stainless steel. This model is Energy Star certified which means you will be able to save a lot on utility bills. Adjustable racks, various wash cycles, and convenient controls make using the item easy and simple. High temperature rinse guarantees elimination of 99% of bacteria.  Reliable and durable construction guarantees many years of excellent performance. 

If you are thinking about buying a dishwasher, but you are not sure whether it will fit your kitchen, don’t get upset. You can choose from portable dishwashers.  They are the same as traditional ones, but only more compact. If you want a dishwasher that would save not only space in your kitchen, but also your money, Whirlpool portable dishwasher is what you need. This model is Energy star qualified which means it helps to significantly reduce expenses on utility bills. The dishwasher features several wash cycles. High temperature wash is perfect for cleaning baby bottles, dishes or glassware. Maytag Jetclean portable washer is also Energy Star qualified. This model is designed in classic black color.  Unique Jetclean system uses high pressure jets to remove stains and food particles. Thanks to smooth and smart design this portable dishwasher can fit perfectly in any kitchen. Danby countertop dishwasher can be easily installed on the top of any counters in your kitchen. Such installation is very convenient as you will not have to lean to load the dishwasher. The appliance has 6-place settings, 6 wash cycles, easy-to-use digital controls, and quick wash setting. Danby dishwasher is also energy Star qualified which guarantees low energy consumption. Stainless steel interior prevents the appliance from rusting. Up-to-date LED display shows all the current settings.  

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