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Modern technologies have helped to turn cooking into an artistic process, into hobby for millions of people. Like in everything you do, equipment is very important for cooking. It is impossible to create a masterpiece without having an appropriate tool. Luckily, modern market is full of cooking appliances that are aimed not only to make cooking easier, but also open new horizons in preparing foods. Various ranges, ovens, cooktops, coffee systems, and microwaves are irreplaceable helpers in every kitchen. All appliances are presented in diverse sizes, colors, models and designs. Besides, you can choose the very appliance that meets not only your taste and interior, but also corresponds to your budget.  Depending on your taste and kitchen design you can choose compact and stylish Viking microwave, Miele induction cooktop, or Samsung electric range. Performed in reliable materials, these appliances will match your kitchen perfectly. What is also a great advantage of these appliances is that they are very easy to clean.
If you cannot imagine your morning without a cup of fragrant coffee, Miele coffee system or Jenn-air coffee system  will definitely turn your morning into a great beginning of the day. Using any of these stylish and convenient any coffee systems will become unalienable part of your morning routine. Cooking will no longer be boring! With up-to-date appliances it will be exciting and inspiring!


Range is the most important kitchen appliance. It’s impossible to imagine modern kitchen without gas or an electric range! Happily, today market offers stunning assortment of ranges to meet any taste, requirements, needs and budget. You can choose from self-cleaning and free-standing ranges. There are also ranges with two ovens and different amount of burners – from 4 to 6. If you need a freestanding gas range, you may like Bosch gas range. The range is designed in stainless steel which guarantees the item will serve you for a long time. This model features 5 burners, digital controls, convenient storage drawer, and power interior oven light. This is a good choice for those who like classic design.  KitchenAid gas range is also a classic range designed in stainless steel. The range has Even Heat True convection oven that provides excellent baking results, EasyConvect Converison system, and warming drawer. The appliance is K-star certified. If you are planning to buy electric range, you may like Samsung FER300S. This range is available in black, white and stainless steel colors. Large capacity of the oven allows to easily cook holiday meals for the whole family. 4 burners make it easy to cook several dishes simultaneously. Convenient controls make using the range very easy and simple. Make your cooking easier with one of the up-to-date electric or gas ranges! 


It's time to start saving your time and turn cooking from a boring chore in an exciting hobby! Dacor stainless steel cooktop, Miele induction cooktop or one of the Frigidaire cooktops will meet even the most sophisticated requirements. All these models have different sizes and designs and are made of different materials. But the thing they have in common is excellent quality. Frigidaire electric cooktop is a perfect choice for those who value simple, but stylish and reliable appliances. Available in several classic colors, one of these cooktops will be a great match to any kitchen. Made of stainless steel, Dacor and General Electric cooktops guarantees long-term performance. Multiple cooking modes, powerful burners (or induction elements), and convenient controls make using these cooktops easy and simple. Up-to-date materials allow to quickly clean the cooktop. Also, most cooktops are equipped with energy-saving mode. For example, with Gaggenau cooktop you will save a lot on gas bills. Designed to satisfy even the most demanding customer, all of these cooktops are a great help in any kitchen.

Safe and quick, they allow to cook dinner as fast as you could only imagine. Depending on your needs, you can select from gas and induction cooktops, cooktops with natural gas or propane. Amount of heating elements also varies from 1 to 6. 


Wall oven is a great solution for small kitchens. If you like baking and are looking for a reliable oven that will help you to achieve success in improving your cooking skills, wall oven is what you need. Most wall ovens today are designed in stainless steel. Such construction allows to easily clean the item and provides long-term durability of the appliance. For example, Frigidaire wall oven is an elegant and stylish appliance with delay bake function. Bright interior lighting provides excellent visibility inside of the oven.  Self-clean system helps to save time on cleaning. Even baking technology provides even distribution of heat and guarantees your pastries will not have burnt edges. This model is K-star certified. If you have a big family and one oven is not enough for you, Frigidaire double electric wall oven is exactly what you need!  The oven features PowerPlus preheat mode, PowerPlus convection, PowerPlus clean, and one-touch Keep Warm setting. One-touch options and controls allow to easily select settings and control the oven.  The oven has elegant design, so it will be an ideal addition to any kitchen. Having built-in installation, the oven will not take much space in your kitchen. You may also like 27 inch Frigidaire electric double wall oven. Wide range of options and modes including broil, quick preheat and one-touch self-clean make this model a good choice to make.

Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world after tea. Millions of people all over the world start their day with a cup of coffee. Sure, buying coffee in the nearest coffee shop is easy and quick, but nothing compares to a cup of perfect coffee you make at home. If you are a real coffee fan and want to have a chance of drinking stunningly delicious coffee whenever you want, coffee system may become a good solution for you. Modern coffee systems are presented in multiple design and have different specifications. For example, Benvenuto built-in coffee machine is perfect for small kitchens. The coffee machine is manufactured by Bosch, one of the most well-known and respectable brands in the world. The item is designed in stainless steel which guarantees the coffee machine will serve you for ages.  Digital display shows all the current settings. Variable brewing system allows to make as many different types of coffee as you like. Drip tray prevents you table from having coffee stains. Jenn Air coffee system  is great because it allows making two cups of coffee at once. It’s a great solution for couple who always argue about who will be the first one to have a cup of morning coffee. The machine has Cappuccino option that allows having a cup of delicious cappuccino whenever you want to. Adjustable grinder settings allow to set the machine according to your needs. 


A good and reliable hood is the same important kitchen appliance as refrigerator or a range. Today, there are hundreds of hoods available in various designs and featuring various specifications. Before making a purchase one has to think about the preferable type of installation, power level, number of modes and noiseless operation. Also, it’s important to pay attention to whether filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
If you like classic design and looking for something not very large, you may like Amana convertible under-cabinet hood. The item is available in classic black and white colors and many others. Despite its size, the hood does a perfect job and eliminates unwanted odors and smoke keeping air in the kitchen fresh and clear. If you need a more powerful range hood, K4242SS is what you need. Solid and reliable stainless steel construction of the hood guarantees long-term performance and high quality of results. This 42 inches chimney hood features ducted ventilation, internal blower, 10 sones fan sound level, and powerful lighting. Filters are safe for cleaning in a dishwasher. The item requires wall installation. Gaggenau downdraft ventilation is a good choice for people who like slick design. The item features internal and external blowers and dishwasher safe filters.  Powerful blower provides clean and fresh air. The model is performed in stainless steel.


Modern kitchen without a microwave is something unbelievable. This amazing appliance has become a necessary tool for millions of people all over the world! Today, when we are all in a constant hurry, when we don’t have time for anything, cooking has become much easier and faster with microwaves. Microwave is perfect for anything from baking to making your favorite popcorn. Hundreds of models with millions of functions and modes – buying a microwave oven is not that easy as it may seem. Choosing one among such a great assortment can be a hard thing to do. For example, Frigidaire microwave  is designed in stainless steel and features glass turntable, control lockout, weight defrost, and auto reheat. Child lock prevents children from using the appliance. Convenient electronic controls make it easy to select settings.  GE Profile microwave is designed in classic black color. This models features time defrost option, child lock, timer, and porcelain pan. Powerful internal lighting provides great visibility inside of the oven. The microwave also has more than 175 preprogrammed recipes so that you will not have to spend trim thinking what to cook.
Today, the assortment of microwave ovens is fantastic, and you should think carefully what you want to get. If you are looking for an oven that will be used simply for warming food, you don’t need to buy a model with multiple functions and recipes. In case you are looking for a serious cooking instrument, you should think of all the options and functions you are planning to use. 

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